In the supply chain from Oil Supply toward Carbon Black Application a large part of know-how has developed with years without being fully shared.
 By watching out-of-the-box pro2ACT MANAGEMENT intends to stimulate new ideas in efficiency improvement of the whole supply chain, minimize costs, open ways of thinking new products or new processes for the greatest interest of all key players.
 We will contribute as well at developing solutions to the fantastic challenges of the coming years in term of material availability, energy, emissions and economics.


A new logical bullet has been newly added to the already large portfolio: Old Tire Pyrolysis. 


All contributors to the Carbon Black industry as well as lateral industry (Tire Pyrolysis) may benefit learning more about Carbon Black constraints and requirements.


Strategy supply


By explaining to the supplier the Carbon Black industry challenges, pro2ACT MANAGEMENT will assist him in optimizing its blends and possibly develop and offer some new products. Transportation optimization is also part of
the supplier competitiveness.


We can as well support the Supplier in developing new products with their Carbon Black Customers.


The HEART of our Business: the wide experience of pro2ACT MANAGEMENT in most of the existing Carbon Black production processes allow us to give a very large benchmark of technology. After a real gap analysis we will develop with the Carbon Black producer the optimum action plan leading its own existing practices to the Best-In-Class level.


By training and coaching your workers we will drive them to own any improvement step.


The time for developing new ideas may seriously reduce with our help to avoid some unnecessary steps, applying the true Proactive Philosophy.


By learning more with pro2ACT MANAGEMENT about Carbon Black production processes, the Carbon Black USERS will understand what they can still optimize in their own processes. Use of appropriate rules for their conveying equipment, optimizing the transportation will save the user a significant amount of costly difficulties.







The worldwide resources optimization has led the Industry to work more intensively on Raw Material REVALORIZATION.

This asks the question: “Why to waste new feedstock and energy (less and less available) if it is possible to recover, at an acceptable cost and quality the Carbon Black which is incorporated in many rubber goods such as tires?”



By comparing the Tire Pyrolysis with the Carbon Black manufacture,  pro2ACT MANAGEMENT helps his customer to approach the Carbon Black market with the appropriate form, quality and pricing strategy.