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We are now member of ASTM D24 committee on Carbon Black.

In 2016 production of Carbon Black (rubber grades) in laboratory scale with the use of 5 different raw materials , by-products of the paper industry.


Since January 2017 Pro2ACT Management SAS brings into European Patent Law Cases a Carbon Black technical expertise.


Active member of the Advisory Board from the Carbon Black World in Düsseldorf (Germany) –  September 2018.



Since its creation Pro2ACT has been participating in several conferences such as:

  • 2011 Asia Pacific Carbon Black in Singapore
  • 2012 DKT in Nürnberg (Germany)
  • 2012 Worldwide Carbon Black Conference in San Diego (USA – Ca)
  • 2013 European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA) in Brussels (Belgium) with a paper « Pyrolysis Carbon & Carbon Black »
  • 2013 Asia Pacific Carbon Black in Taipei (Taiwan) as a speaker on  » Carbon Black & Pyrolysis Black Synergies »
  • 2014 Tire Technology TTX2014 in Köln (Germany) with a presentation « Carbon Black & Pyrolysis Black – Competitive or Complementary »
  • 2014  Worldwide Carbon Black Conference in Barcelona (Spain) as member of the advisory board.
  • 2015 Tire Technology TTX2015 in Köln (Germany).
  •          March 2015: ETRA Brussels (Belgium) Speaker: « Recovered Carbon Black: from dispersion to reinforcement »
  •          June 2015 : DKG in Nürenberg (Germany)
  •          November 2015 : Asia Pacific Carbon Black 2015 in Yokohama (Japan) Speaker:  » Carbon Black production: Oil, water, emissions; the main challenges for the Carbon Black Industry »
  •          February 2016: Tire Technology TTX2016 Hannover (Germany)
  •          March 2016: ETRA Brussels (Belgium) Speaker: « Recovered Carbon Black: Its way forward in the filler world ».
  •          May 2016: Worldwide Carbon Black Conference in Fort Worth (USA – Tx). Speaker: « Carbon Black production: More than just yield ».
  •          February 2017: Tire Technology TTX2018 Hannover (Germany).
  •          March 2017: ETRA Brussels (Belgium). Speaker: « A new approach to tire pyrolysis: EOLT pyrolysis from trial & error to systematic approach »
  •          November 2017: Asia Pacific Carbon Black Conference in Chennai (India) with a paper  » Carbon Black production: From Black to Green, some challenges for the future ».
  •          February 2018: Tire Technology TTX2018 Hannover (Germany). Speaker « Greening Carbon Black for Green Tires »
  •          July 2018 : In Sophia Antipolis (France). Inauguration of Plasma Platform from « Ecole des Mines Paristech (France) »
  •          September 2018: Worldwide Carbon Black Conference in Düsseldorf (Germany) Chairman and Speaker: « Carbon Black Greening: The path forward ».

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Note that you can obtain presentations of conferences where we spoke on E-mail request.



Forthcoming Events where Pro2ACT is going to attend as simple participant or speaker:

  • October 2019 Asia Pacific Carbon Black Conference in Thailand.





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