Full process audit

Full process audit

In order to set the foundation of a real Pro-Active approach, pro2ACT MANAGEMENT recommend that we start with a Process Audit.
In most of our Quality Systems we ensure ourselves that Procedures are in place and followed, but are we sure they are relevant? How do we measure the procedure efficiency? Are we working on Causes or on Effects? When time come to evaluate the system we can work with you on:


  • Auditing your main Raw Materials.
  • Auditing your process efficiency.
  • Evaluating your bottlenecks and constraints.
  • Following your energy flows.


Using a systematic approach we are going to make sure a robust Statistical review led to the present situation.
This Process Audit will be the key part of the a 4 STEP Business review:


Full process audit 4 steps

Consolidating the findings into New Improved Procedures will lead your Manufacturing Process toward systematic Pro-Activity.  Expected result is a real Waste Minimization.


While this Process Audit approach has been developed for the Carbon Black Manufacturing itself we have demonstrated its pertinence for other Manufacturing processes, with some light customization.

We have also worked on an audit framework for a Tire Pyrolysis Process & Project.