Carbon black technology expertise

While most of the CB Producers believe they have a “unique” technology they produce more or less out of similar Raw Materials almost similar Carbon Black Quality.


Instead of looking primarily at the Technology pro2ACT MANAGEMENT look at the Manufacturing Processes, which develop identically in all technologies. We focus more on the inside the “envelop” rather than on the “envelop” itself.

We help you looking inside your « Black Boxes » in order to optimize your processes toward the best known technology.

Carbon Black Technolgy Expertise

By applying our Philosophy « Everywhere, Anytime for Any Subject » we will drive your process understanding to an improved level of Pro-Activity.



Based on its multicultural experience pro2ACT MANAGEMENT has developed several Standard Training Modules:


  • The Carbon Black Production – For Beginners (important starting block)
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – Raw Material
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – Reactors and Control
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – Analytical Properties (I)
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – In line heat recovery
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – Separation & conveying
  • The Carbon Black Production – Advanced training – Pelletizing and drying

Some of these modules require plant visit on top of classroom exercise.


These modules can be selected independently for a given need or as a complete package for newcomers. We can
also customize these modules to your own technology on request.
Other products are under revision and will be soon available, such as:



  • The Carbon Black Production – For Experts -Yield, the « magic word »
  • The Carbon Black Production – For Experts – Process and Quality Statistical Control
  • The Carbon Black Production – For Experts – The Challenges for the future


Different modules can be studied on special needs.


You can also use our Skills to present your own Training modules to your employees or your new-comers.

Tire Pyrolysis Technology Expertise

What a great idea!


Recover the carbon black used for the Tire Vulcanization instead of wasting feedstock oil.

In principle this is simple and attractive.


Many Tire Pyrolysis projects have been started down to the step of the pilot plant. And then they are facing the death spiral :


“no customer-> no investment -> no large production -> no customer”


By using the large experience of pro2ACT MANAGEMENT in the traditional Carbon Black market, the Tire Pyrolysis world can enter the rubber industry with the appropriate approach, without re-inventing the wheel.


Carbon black Raw Materials

  • Technical support to the Oil Suppliers in order to better understand the Carbon Black Manufacturing needs so that they adapt their offer to the demand.
  • Based on Carbon Black Industry requirements in term of Quality, Environment and Efficiency, participate to design of adequate blends.
  • With some new blends they can exceed demand from customers as far as Carbon Black Yield is concerned.

Full process audit

In order to set the foundation of a real Pro-Active approach, pro2ACT MANAGEMENT recommend that we start with a Process Audit.
In most of our Quality Systems we ensure ourselves that Procedures are in place and followed, but are we sure they are relevant? How do we measure the procedure efficiency? Are we working on Causes or on Effects? When time come to evaluate the system we can work with you on:


  • Auditing your main Raw Materials.
  • Auditing your process efficiency.
  • Evaluating your bottlenecks and constraints.
  • Following your energy flows.


Using a systematic approach we are going to make sure a robust Statistical review led to the present situation.
This Process Audit will be the key part of the a 4 STEP Business review:


Full process audit 4 steps

Consolidating the findings into New Improved Procedures will lead your Manufacturing Process toward systematic Pro-Activity.  Expected result is a real Waste Minimization.


While this Process Audit approach has been developed for the Carbon Black Manufacturing itself we have demonstrated its pertinence for other Manufacturing processes, with some light customization.

We have also worked on an audit framework for a Tire Pyrolysis Process & Project.


Carbon black Plant Emissions

  • Process optimization in order to take into account the production of CO2, SOx, NOx.
  • Technical support of a Company bringing a true Innovation in the SOx minimization of tail Carbon Black gases.

Carbon black Special Projects

  • Intensive successful activity in the Carbon Black Yield Continuous Improvement. Elaboration of a methodology.
  • Liquid Atomization (Oil, water) optimization based on the equipment location.
  • Work on theoretical understanding of the Carbon Black Process itself in order to work on a new flexibility.
  • Off Quality minimization systematic program.


« Learning is good but implementing is much better »

Our long experience allows us to offer you to guide your trainees in the implementation of what they learnt during training.


After setting clear objectives we can put in place an ad hoc training-on-the-job.
While your new comers progress a coaching program can lead them to use our Philosophy around Pro-Activity. They will be then fully operational to develop their creativity for the best of your Competitiveness.


The skills available at the moment @ pro2ACT MANAGEMENT allow them to do it in English, French or German.


We can offer you to organize or participate into workshops for your staff around agreed themes of the Carbon Black Manufacturing.  The goal of this exercise is to define and validate an action plan toward an improved efficiency.  Our role can be seen as facilitator as well as knowledge support.