Ready to act ?

Portrait François TerradeChemical Engineer from Bordeaux France (ENSCPB*), Francois Terrade has acquired along 40 years a huge knowledge of the Carbon Black Manufacturing.

Working for Phillips Petroleum, Continental Carbon, Deutsch Degussa , Columbian Chemicals and Cabot Corporation, visiting 45+ facilities he has been exposed at one step or another to most of existing technologies.

He has grounded in 1995-96 his own business of independent Consultancy: besides a core business in the Total Quality Management Field in Germany, PQM supported non licensed Carbon Black manufacturer as well as key players in the Tyre Recycling Business.

With his new business, he has implemented a lot of training modules (theoretical and practical) for two of the major Carbon Black suppliers as well as for key players in the Tire Pyrolysis Business.

In his continuous search for the best available technology Francois has participated into two International Patents. Working with so many different technologies has been made possible by developing a strong unique approach of Carbon Black Process.

When in 2011 he founded pro2ACT MANAGEMENT in Region of Paris (France) it became obvious to use this unique approach as Ground Philosophy.





pro2ACT MANAGEMENT has a single belief:      BE  PROACTIVE


  • Challenge status quo, by asking new questions: Look out-of-box
  • Declare Total War to fire-fighting: Fire-fighting highlights overlooked event
  • Use systematic approach in risk evaluation: Do NOT take short-cuts
  • Continuously Improve all the results: Systematic Continuous Improvement



Would you feel this philosophy would help for your:







* ENSCPB stand for « Ecole National Supérieure de Chimie et Physique de Bordeaux » French Chemical Engineer High School